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What is CollectHDC Banking?

The CollectHDC Banking solution digitizes cash collection and eliminates the challenges that arise due to cash payments made for EMI payments, payments, and fees collected in bulk, and cash handling and management at the collector’s end.


FMCG organizations can implement the CollectHDC Banking solution across their distributor-retailer channel and simplify the complete payment collection and incentive disbursal processes. Using the solution, NBFCs or Insurance companies can enable their customers to deposit their EMIs or premiums at their HDC Banking retailers.


It reduces the cost of digitizing the cash collected in bulk and helps in auto-reconciliation and faster settlement allowing enterprises to gain complete visibility of their collection status.

What Does CollectHDC Banking Help Solve?

Key Benefits of CollectHDC Banking

How Does CollectHDC Banking Work?

Who Can Use CollectHDC Banking?

CollectHDC Banking is best suited for FMCG organizations with large distributor-retailer channel network, financial enterprises that need to collect loan EMIs and/or insurance premiums from their consumers, and organizations that need to collect their fees in bulk.

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