Expand Your Distribution Business & Earn Extra Income

We at HDC Banking intend to empower retailers with the capability to provide basic banking, digital and financial services at their retail stores using the “HDC Banking App”. India has millions of retail stores and we are continuously looking out for Distributors who can join us in empowering all these retailers with the HDC Banking App.

If you are in the distribution business of FMCG Goods, Pharma Products, Telecom Services or any other products and services or if you are a Direct Selling Agent (DSA) with ground force to reach out to the retailers, here is an opportunity for you, as a distributor to generate more revenue on every retailer you on-board, earn extra recurring income from the transactions made by the retailers and also take part in the journey of digitizing Indian retailers.


Generate More Revenue By Becoming A HDC Banking Distributor

With HDC Banking hundreds of our distributors across India are earning extra income by expanding their retailer base. These retailers provide basic banking, digital and financial services from their HDC Banking Retail Store through the HDC Banking App. As a distributor, you have the opportunity to earn recurring income in the form of commission.

Benefits Of Becoming HDC Banking Distributor

  • An app specially designed for handling distributor business
  • Easy cash management
  • Easy retailer onboarding through instant KYC
  • Fast customer service and product training
  • More income to earn


“Our HDC Banking Retailers Are Our Digital Pradhans & Our Distributors Are Our Catalysts In Growing Digital Pradhans”

A distributor is connected with many retailers. These connections help each distributors develop business and generate revenue. Our distributors act as a catalyst in on-boarding retailers, digitising their retail stores, and help us in the Digital Pradhan movement.

HDC Banking Digital Pradhan movement is a step towards digitizing India & supporting the initiative – Digital India.

Let’s together make ‘HAR DUKAAN DIGITAL PRADHAN’

Become a Part of our
Digital Pradhan Movement