What are the charges to get a Retailer ID?

The Retailer ID is free. Please sign up on the HDC Banking Merchant App and complete your eKYC. Once your eKYC is completed, there will be a registration fee of Rs. 1000 to use the services on the app. We will also be assigning a distributor to you from our end, who will assist you to use the services and load your wallet.

To use single services like Bill Payments, you don’t need a distributor. You can load a small amount (less than 25 thousand a month) on your trading wallet and start using the service, however larger amounts need to go through distributors.

What is the procedure for KYC?

  1. Submit your PAN Number & Upload your PAN Card picture on the HDC Banking App
  2. Fill in the Bank Details & click on Submit
  3. On the App Dashboard Screen, swipe left and click on My Profile
  4. Click on KYC and Click on Call Distributor
  5. Your assigned distributor will visit your shop and complete the KYC process

My KYC is done but the service has not started.

Your documents are in the process of manual verification. It might take 7-10 working days for the process to be completed. In case you still face problems, contact your distributor in Support Section of HDC Banking App or connect with our customer executive on +91 33 6690 9090

I am getting a Login ID and password invalid notification.

If you are getting the Login ID and password invalid notification, use the change password or forgot password option. An OTP will be generated, and you can use the same to login to the app.

How can I “Move to Bank” from my PC or laptop?

You cannot “Move to Bank” from your PC or laptop. Move to Bank option is available only in the HDC Banking app.

What are “Move to Bank” charges?

You can call our customer care number on +91 33 6690 9090 or call your distributor to understand the Move to Bank charges for various remittance amounts.

Done an AEPS Transaction which has failed but A/C debited.

If a customer transaction fails, the refund will go back to the customer A/C but might take 7 working days. If the amount is not credited back within 7 working days call our customer care number on +91 33 6690 9090 or ask the customer to get his Bank Passbook updated.

Done an AEPS transaction which was successful and the customer account was debited but still not credited to my Trading Balance.

If the transaction is successful, the amount will be credited to your trading balance. Sometimes it may take 1-2 hours for the credit to reflect in your trading balance, if it doesn’t, call our customer care number on +91 33 6690 9090.

Which devices can be used for AEPS?

Devices that can be used by HDC Banking retailers for AePS are Morpho, Startek, Mantra & Precision.

What is the cost of AMC for Biometric Fingerprint Device for AEPS?

The cost of AMC for Morpho is Rs.350 (Annually) which is renewable.

The cost of AMC for Mantra is Rs.100+GST / year

The cost of AMC for Startek is 154/Year which is renewable & 354/Lifetime.

For more details you can call our customer care number +91 33 6690 9090

Why am I not able to offer AEPS deposit services?

Deposit services have been stopped by NPCI for the time being. They might start in the near future again. We will notify our users once that happens.

Where do you find the option to Cashout or Re-initiate?

When a DMT transaction fails the option to Cashout and Reinitiate is reflected under claim refund.

When does the edit Bank A/C option get enabled?

You will be able to edit/change the Bank A/C details after 15 days from the date of your last edit. Please be careful when entering the Bank A/C details, once updated you will not be able to make changes to it for the next 15 days.

My Bank validation is blocked for Move to Bank?

You may not have Balance in your Trade Wallet or may have an insufficient balance. You need to have Rs. 4 or more to approve bank validation.

What do I do in case of a wrong Mobile or DTH recharge?

If a wrong mobile or DTH recharge is done, you can call our customer care number on +91 33 6690 9090. Our team will look into the case and advise if the transaction can be cancelled or reversed and how to proceed with the same.

Where do I claim refund for a failed IMPS transaction?

To claim refund for failed IMPS or NEFT transactions, check the “Claim Refund” feature on the app.

What do I do if a wrong A/C no. or IFSC code is entered during a money transfer?

If a wrong IFSC code or bank account is entered during a money transfer, call our customer care number on +91 33 6690 9090. Our team will look into the case and advise on how to proceed with cancellation or refund.

What are the commissions that I can earn using the HDC Banking Services?

If you want to learn more about the commissions that you can earn on various services offered within the HDC Banking app, please reach out to your Distributor or RM.

What are the daily AEPS withdrawal limits for the customer?

A customer can withdraw upto Rs. 50,000 a day and a maximum of Rs. 10,000 per transaction using the AEPS service.

How can I redeem the Trade Wallet balance?

You can redeem the Trade Wallet balance by using the “Move to Bank” or “Move to Wallet” function.

What is the process of downloading the AEPS software?

The process of downloading the AEPS software is as follows:

  • Click on download software option
  • PNB Zip file shall appear
  • Unzip the file and extract
  • Run the same & install
  • NBT Merchant folder shall appear on your desktop
  • Login

What is the process of downloading the device driver?

The process of downloading the device driver is:

  • Click the device you are using
  • Device driver shall be downloaded
  • If Zipped then Unzip the file
  • Run & Install
  • Device ID registration

I am facing an activation code error. What to do?

This is not an error, this error code will appear when you connect a device that is not registered. You can take the following two actions in that case:

    • Connect a registered device.
    • Cancel the notification and go to the AEPS section on the app.

What does error code 999 mean?

If you see the error code 999, please contact Morpho’s Service center.

What to do when customer’s Bank Name does not reflect while doing DMT?

If your customer’s Bank name is not reflecting while doing Direct Money Transfer, call our customer care number on +91 33 6690 9090. Please keep the Bank name and IFSC code handy for our agents to help you with the request.

What are the services I can use within the HDC Banking app?

The list of services available within the HDC Banking app are as follows:

  • Bill Payments
  • Bus Booking
  • AEPS
  • Domestic Remittances
  • Mobile / DTH Recharge
  • Bus Booking
  • FastTag Recharge
  • Flight Bookings: Coming Soon
  • Insurance: Coming Soon
  • Hyper local Groceries: Available in Mumbai
  • Hotel Booking: Coming Soon

Recharge failed but amount not reversed.

Usually the amount for the failed recharge should get reversed within a period of 1-2 hours. Please contact our customer care number on +91 33 6690 9090 if your amount does not get reversed within 24hrs.

What are the essential documents to get started with HDC Banking Services?

You need to submit your Pan Card and Aadhar card within the app to complete your EKYC and start using the services within the HDC Banking app.

What do I do if the NEFT / IMPS amount is not yet received by the beneficiary?

If the beneficiary has not received a NEFT amount after the fund transfer, ask them to wait for 24 hrs. If the amount is not received within the time stipulated, ask the beneficiary to get his passbook updated or contact our customer care number on +91 33 6690 9090

Which services can I avail without upgrading the package?

You can avail the following services without upgrading the package:

  • Bill payments
  • Recharges
  • Bus Booking

I see the error “Invalid agent/CSR code” while doing an AEPS Transaction. What does this mean?

This error occurs when the Customer’s Aadhaar number is not responding to the associated finger print.

I see the error “No Checking Account” while doing an AEPS Transaction. What does this mean?

This error occurs when the Customer’s Aadhaar number has not been linked to the customer’s Bank A/C

What is the limit for a Move to Bank transaction?

There are no limits for move to bank transactions.

What is the max limit for DMT transaction?

The Maximum limit for a DMT transaction is Rs.2 lakh.

What are the Beneficiary Validation charges?

For beneficiary validation, a charge of Rs.4 shall be deducted from the main wallet.

Can I create two Retailer IDs simultaneously with 1 document?

No, you can’t run 2 IDs simultaneously with the same documents. For security purposes, both the IDs will get blocked. If you IDs get blocked, you can send an email to customercare@HDC Banking.in along with details of the ID you want to continue.

Who can unblock the retailer Id if blocked?

The retailer ID can be unblocked by the Distributor, when he has blocked it or by the Company when the ID has been blocked by the company or by the distributor. You can contact our customer care number on +91 33 6690 9090 for further assistance.

Can a retailer become Distributor with the same Mobile no.?

Yes, the retailer can become a distributor with the same Mobile no.

How much does the distributor charge for KYC from the retailers?

This entirely depends on Retailer and Distributor’s relationship. The Company doesn’t interfere in these matters. But if you feel that the amount is too high, you can escalate the issue to our customer care team on +91 33 6690 9090