Managing regular customers’ khata is pretty common among most of the retailers in India. Instead of paying cash on each transaction, regular customers prefer to make weekly or monthly payments to their retailers.


With HDC Banking Mobile App, Khata Management goes digital! Retailers can easily record purchases and better manage customer orders on credit basis. This feature helps HDC Banking retailers better organize customer purchases and manage store inventory, with complete transparency and easy access to past transactions. A better organized HDC Banking retailer is not only able to manage his business better but is also able to provide improved customer service, which helps the retailer have loyal customers and do more business.

Retailer's Benefits

  • Manage customer accounts effectively. Record business transactions digitally. No hassles of maintaining physical records.
  • Easy management of purchases made by customers on credit basis
  • Can offer various modes of payment – Cash, Card or Online, without a PoS machine
  • Efficient inventory and cash management
  • Attract more business by providing value-added services

Customer's Benefits


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