Do More With Your Retail Shop

Using the HDC Banking app, close to 350,000 retailers across 23 states in India are earning extra income by providing digital banking and financial services to customers at their HDC Banking Retail stores. HDC Banking App helps the retailers to earn more income and attract more customers.

Benefits of HDC Banking App:

  • Earn extra income as commission on every service
  • Easy, Fast & Secure
  • Manage all services in one swipe
  • Single screen design for all important actions
  • Track business growth with detailed reports

Become a HDC Banking Retailer to Earn More Income in just 3 simple steps:

  • Download & Register on the HDC Banking App
  • Upload KYC
  • Start Earning

Any Retailer can earn commission by providing following services at their shop using HDC Banking App.

  • Aadhaar Banking – A service that helps customers withdraw & deposit money using Aadhaar Number & Fingerprint
  • Money Transfer – A service that helps customers to instantly transfer money to any Bank account in India
  • SMS Payment – A service that allows you to accept card/online payments from customers without the need for a card PoS machine
  • Bill Payment & Mobile/DTH Recharge – A service that helps customers to pay utility bills, recharge mobile/DTH card
  • Khata – An exclusive service for retailers with a smart calculator to manage daily sales and boost profit



“Our HDC Banking Retailers Are Our Digital Pradhans”

Digital Pradhan is what we call our ‘HDC Banking Retailers’. They have taken a step ahead in supporting the Digital India initiative and helping digitise the country.

A retailer is always looking to expand the service to his customers. HDC Banking Technologies enable the retailer to offer basic banking, digital, and financial services at his HDC Banking retail store.

The ever-expanding bouquet of services by the HDC Banking app helps retailers to attract more customers and generate more income using a ‘single app’.


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Digital Pradhan Movement